This is a subversive book. It won't lead you to social or political revolt, but it will suggest overthrowing all of your current ideas about psychotherapy, personal growth and self-help.

Accepting the Radical: You Can Not Be Fixed by Ronna Smithrim and Christopher Oliphant

ISBN 978-1-908293-10-7

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In the process, it will cause you to re-evaluate almost all of the therapies, techniques and books about self-help which are already out there. How does it do this? By teaching Radical Acceptance - an approach so radically different, and so radically powerful, that the challenging becomes inevitable.

What makes Radical Acceptance so different is that your 'fixer' is powerless: no matter how hard you try, you can never fix yourself.

Yet you already know this, even while protesting that it can't be true:

"I've changed! I'm not the person I used to be!"

"I can change! I just have to try harder!"

"If I stop trying to change, my life will fall apart."

"If I don't fix myself, no one will love me!"

Put aside your fixer, as he or she isn't useful. Instead, begin to see your life from a whole new light: the light of Radical Acceptance.